Keep Me Posted, by Lisa Beazley

keep me posted, Lisa Beazley*Minor spoiler alert* I received an early copy of Keep Me Posted from First to Read in exchange for an honest review. It all starts on Christmas Eve, two sisters- Sid and Cassie are together for the first time in a long time and feeling nostalgic.  Earlier, the patriarch of the family had read some old love letters from the war out loud.  The sisters loved the exchanges, who writes letters anymore?  That night, more than a little drunk, they decided that they would.  So New Yorker Cassie and Singapore Sid write back and forth about life, turmoil, memories and fantasies.  Through Cassie’s need to keep everything organized and backed up (and with some help from a website crash) these terribly private letters become terribly public.  Thus the slow news sisters are born.  Cass, of course, goes insane.  Putting it back to private she tries to clean up her mess, but things are never really gone from the internet are they?  I loved my time with Cassie, Leo and Sid.  Honestly it was a wonderful read and I highly recommend it.
Important info: adult content (check).  Some language, drinking and sexual content- not bad.  Where one is Harry Potter and ten is Fifty Shades, I give it a three on the adult content scale.
This book will be out 4-28-16
Link to book:

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