Love in Lowercase, Francesc Miralles

Love in Lowercase, Francesc Millares*Minor spoiler alerts* I received a copy of Love in Lowercase from First To Read.  The premise, an introverted linguist finding life, spoke to me.  I found Samuel intelligent, witty and charming in a shy way.  At first you find a man older than his years, swearing he enjoys the solitary life, wants it.  In ambles a nameless cat that turns his life upside down.  Within days of contact with Mishima (his name for said cat), Samuel has two friends, an old acquaintance he loved as a child, a vet, a manuscript and a mystery.  Personally I loved this book, made better as I got some ideas on what to read next from Samuel’s rambling.  Also, I adored the words and definitions interspersed through the book.  For example:
Won: the Korean word for reluctance to give up an illusion.
Baraka: The Arabic word for spiritual energy that can be used for worldly ends.
Adult content (check).  Mild language and drinking, very minor.  If Harry Potter is a one and Fifty Shades is a ten I give it a two.
This book came out in January of 2016- go get it!

Link to book:

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