Modern Girls, Jennifer S. Brown

Modern Girls, Jennifer S. Brown

*Minor spoiler alert*I was given a copy of Modern Girls by First to Read in exchange for an honest review.  Imagine floating through 1930’s New York.  Life is gorgeous and exciting.  You, a beautiful young woman have a job, a beau, clothes money and a loving family.  In short you have it all.  Don’t you feel like the very definition of the modern woman?  Dottie did.  She had a great boyfriend, friends, and a job she enjoyed.  Abe was amazing, and if she wished he moved a little faster… well… they’d be married soon enough right?  Yeah, she wished her mother, Rose, were a bit more modern, more American; but wasn’t that just the way with Jewish mamas?  Everyone is worried about Europe, about getting Jews out to safety.  Part of Rose’s family, Yussel is still there.  Thus the war is a hot topic.  Abe believes there’s never really going to be anything, and that they need to study the torah.  Dottie, having family there and seeing her mother suffer can’t agree.  After an argument she goes to their camp alone.  Just once.  Just one mistake.
Pregnant.  Everyone is giving advice- get rid of it.  There are ways now, in these modern times.  Even Ma…. But is Dottie really that modern?  And what if she isn’t?  Snap over to Rose.  She has raised her children, been the good Jewish mama.  Allowed her own dreams and political fervor to take a back seat.  Now, as her youngest is getting more independent this should be the time where she can go back.  Right?  But, God has other plans.  At forty-two Rose is pregnant.  Now, navigating her own fears and disappointments, she must find a way for her daughter as well.
Told, chapter by chapter, in the voice of Dottie or Rose respectively; Modern Girls leads us on a wild ride through time.  It tugs you along, twisting your heart.  These characters are strong, fierce, diverse and electrifying.  I loved them.
Adult content (check).  Some language (though I had to look up a lot of Yiddish slang), some drinking.  Sexual content, though hardly explicit.  A good, fairly clean read.  On the Adult Content scale I give it a 3.
This book comes out 4-5-16.  Be on the look out!

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