Rescued, Phoebe Rose

Rescued, Phoebe Rose*Minor spoiler alerts* I received a copy of Rescued from the author in exchange for a review.  Tessa is a pleaser, a rescuer of cats and a starving psych student.  Thomas is a CEO of his own company making fitbits.  A feral family of cats bring them together as they try to get mama cat, Melon, adoption-ready.  Toss in an ex-girlfriends’ wedding, crazy parents and a shut-in roomie and you have… way too many issues to power through.  Both Tessa and Thomas need to take a deep look at themselves and decide how to go for what really matters.
I loved this story, it had a nice flow to the writing style.  I was never bored, always wanting to see what happened next.  I didn’t always like these characters, but I was always pulling for them.  They were real, approachable, messed up… human.  I would read this author again.
Adult content (check) language, drinking, lots of sexual content (it is a contemporary romance…).  I give it a five on the adult content scale.

Link to book:

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