Wreck and Order, Hannah Tennant-Moore

Wreck and Order, Hannah Tennant-Moore*spoiler alerts* I received a copy of Wreck and Order from First to Read.  I have to say, I loved this book.  Elsie is the proverbial train wreck.  When a teen, she allowed boys liberties- wanting to feel good.  Feel free.  Be loved.  Don’t we want all these things as teens?   It’s just most of us never go about it the way she did.  Alcohol abuse follows her young adulthood and she gets into a bad relationship.  Jared makes her feel free, sometimes…. Makes her feel good… sometimes.  But there is a thin veneer of love over the destructive tendencies.  And yet this is the type of relationship she wants, isn’t it?  She allows herself to follow what society says is the correct road.  Bryan looks good on paper.  No drugs, alcohol or physical pain.  But it isn’t right.  Why can’t she be happy?  These words go through the book time and again as Elsie pushes herself toward what she thinks she needs.  Happiness, stability, for her life to have meant something.  She goes to Shri Lanka to try to learn how to just be comfortable.  She knows she made bad decisions and she worries about her sexual cravings.  Throughout the book I have wept with Elsie, laughed, wanted to shake her and just wanted to hug her.  She is a mess, but she is also a very real, very touchable character.  I love her.
I watched Elise move, begin to know herself.  She had so many false starts that you wonder if she will ever be okay.  But the real reason why I loved this book is this:  I want her to be okay.  The author created a character that by all rights should disgust me- and does at times- yet she is so vulnerable, so human, that I ache for her.  Despite everything I know about the life she lead I pull for her.
Adult content (double check) language, explicit sexual content, drugs and drinking.   I give it a 7 on the adult content scale, maybe even an 8.

This book came out February 9th, 2016.  Go get it!

Link to book:

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