Becoming Ellen, Shari Shattuck

Becoming Ellen, Shari Shattuck*Minor spoiler alert* I got a copy of this book from First to Read, as I got Invisible Ellen (the first in what I hope is a long series).  To begin, I will say that you should read Invisible Ellen first both for character background and because it is beyond awesome.  Becoming Ellen picks up about a year later.  Our heroine is still skittish and unused to attention but learning to be brave, and to like herself.  A bus accident forces her far from her comfort zone, making her let herself “be seen” by a detective and a little girl that needs her.  Then there’s drama at work and a sick little boy.  What’s an introvert to do?  Personally I could not put this down and finished it in one day (dinner may have burned).

I feel like these books are so special and so important because they teach that you needn’t be physically perfect to be needed and wanted.  Stereotypes can’t stop anyone.  I love that Ellen is growing in a healthy way.  I love that the author celebrates everything she can do.  The book was written well and flows smoothly.  The characters are beautiful, touching and sometimes hilarious.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  Truly.  It is out for sale- go buy it!

On the Adult Content scale we remain at a one.  Some language.

Link to book:

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