Invisable Ellen, Shari Shattuck

Invisable Elleen Shari Shattuck   *Minor spoiler alerts* I received this book (and published most of this review) April of 2014.  The fact That it is still fresh in my mind, to me, is a firm indication that it belongs here.  While I did receive a copy from First to Read, I also bought a copy later and got one for a friend.

I loved this book for a myriad of reasons, not the least being that this is not your normal “fat girl” story where a slightly overweight woman becomes skinny and finds confidence and love.  (There is nothing truly wrong with these, I just loved that this one didn’t take the easy route.)  Our main character, Ellen, has real and deep routed problems that have made her an observer of life, never really wanting to be part of it.  She takes the bus to work, cleaning Costco overnight.  Stays away from people, if she doesn’t interact she won’t be noticed.  She doesn’t like herself.  Ellen is morbidly obese and hates herself for it, but food fills the void.  It makes her whole and no one ever cared enough to show her how to eat better.

Meeting and helping a blind woman is her first step to being part of the real world, or “visible” as Ellen sees things.  Temerity doesn’t care about Ellen’s scars or weight, that helps Ellen to branch out; allow more people in.  This novel wraps several lives around itself, each story one that society could easily overlook.  We are programmed to.  What is amazing is what happens when you don’t look past these things, these people.  Please, please, please read this book.

It is out now!

Adult content scale -extremely low.  There is some language, but I would have no problem giving this book to a young adult.  I don’t know that it even rates a one.

Link to book:

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