Where it Hurts, Reed Farrel Coleman

Where it hurts, Reed Farrel Coleman*Minor spoiler alert* I got a copy of Where It Hurts from First to Read, and while it started slowly for me I really enjoyed this book.  Gus Murphy is a former cop who lost everything when his son passed away from a heart defect- his badge, his family, his friends… perhaps his sanity.  Going through the motions, he now drives a van for a rinky-dink hotel and spends down time nursing his wounds.  One day an old con named Tommy D comes to the hotel for help finding his own son, TJ’s murderer.  Gus explodes.  Later he goes back to make amends, but too late.  Now Tommy and TJ are both dead and Gus is in the middle of the madness.  This book took me on a wild ride of false leads and heartbreak to a finish I never expected.  I highly recommend it.

This book came out January or 2016, go get it!

Adult content scale- a solid seven.  Lots of language, violence, drinking and sex.

Link to book:

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