Miss Fortune, Lauren Weedman

Miss Fortune, Lauren Weedman     *Minor spoiler alerts* I received a copy of Miss Fortune from First to Read.  Lauren Weedman is a comedian/ actress.  She has written for the daily show and been in several shows.  This is her answer to a mini biography of sorts.  Short stories that make us laugh and cry.  Stories about her love, marriages, friendships and son.  I loved the little anecdotes, mixed with mild neurosis and dark humor.   To be completely honest, I had never heard of her before, but I was beyond interested in her story.  Making her way through showbiz with sarcasm and pluck, I have to admire her.  She talks glowingly of her love for her son Leo, fondly of the Texan theater guru that changed her life.  There is no kidding from her mistakes, no throwing blame, just honest- funny- life.
This book will be out March 15th; be on the lookout!
Adult Content (check).  I give it a five, language and light drugs, sexually explicit.

Link to book:

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