Wedding Night with the Earl, Amelia Grey

wedding night with the earl, Amelia GreyThis is the last of the Heirs’ Club of Scoundrels trilogy.  I bought it when it came out last Tuesday (3-1-2016).  Now, I will say that this is a bit different from my norm as far as the historical romance goes (let’s face it, every plot has been done a hundred times; these characters need to be fresh, the dialogue better be fantastic, and I want to laugh.).  It was deep and heart wrenching.  I felt for these characters,  I cried for them.

Katherine lost her family when she was very young.  Since then she has lived with her uncles and aunt.  The accident that took her family left her with a life long injury and dependence on a cane.  She is still strong, kind lovely and sweet.  Her family loves her and wants what is best for her.  A husband and family.  In this, her third season, she has promised to pick a suitor.

Adam lost his wife in childbirth along with his son.  The thought of putting another woman through that terrifies him- especially since there is no need.  He has a young relative living with him as his heir.  No need to marry.  Then he meets Katherine.  She enthralls him, and he in turn pushes her to dare to move- walk and dance- without her cane.  As the two get to know one another, you can feel the love and need.  For me, seeing all this through their thoughts and feelings was beautiful. There were fun parts, joy and laughter.  But with all the things stacked against them, it did make for more of a serious read.

The book is out- go get it!

On the adult content scale I give it a five- language, a bit of alcohol and sex (again, this is a romance novel… it happens.)

Link to book:

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