The Marquess, Patricia Rice

The Marquess, Patricia rice

I received a copy of The Marquess by Patricia rice from eBook Discovery in exchange for an honest review.  Honestly, I loved it.  It had so much heart and drama, humor and adventure… I couldn’t put it down (in fact, it is currently 11:00 PM and I wake up for work at 4:45.  Worth it!).

Dillon is companion to her cousin, Lady Blanche.  When their home is burned down, and Blanche badly injured in the fire, an unlikely rescuer delivers them to the loving care of… the most short tempered beast in England.  Sitting in the rotting castle, they try to divine their next move while cursing the kidnapper/footman O’Toole for bringing them here.

Gavin, an American soldier and navy man, now and English Marquess, is furious with his brother Michael.  Disfigured from a duel, and having fought too many battles in his life, he does not want responsibility for an injured heiress and her mouthy companion.  He has to figure out how to keep their roof from tumbling around them without money to fix anything.  Add to that the few servants he can keep think the castle haunted, and the villagers think him a monster.  Really, how much is a man expected to handle?  But he sees Dillon and she isn’t afraid of him.  Through the story you see them fight, laugh and grow- it’s beautiful.

But Dillon is in trouble.  They have to find out who wants to hurt the ladies-and put a stop to it.  For me it was a fun, exciting, well written piece.  I cannot wait to see what awaits Blanche!

This book is out now- go get it!

On the adult content scale, I give it a five- more for sexual content than anything, but there is swearing and violence.

Link to book:

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