No Rest For The Wicked, Dane Cobain

No rest for the wicked, Dane Cobain

*Minor spoiler alert* I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for my honest review. To begin, No Rest for the Wicked is the first of Dane Cobain’s books that I have read.  The world is being attacked by androgynous angels that feed off of fear and sin.  To protect someone he cares about, Father Montgomery being to track down the origin of these angels, and attack.

While each chapter was in itself riveting, I found the first half disjointed and frankly disappointing.  Several times, I wanted to put the book down and explain in the survey that I simply couldn’t stand to read anymore as the author was either high or had severe ADHD.  For example: chapters one and two take place very close together (11-11-2009, and 1-1-2010); whereas we go back to November for chapter three.  Then we skip blithely back and forth through a couple years and wind up in 1962 by chapter eight.  If you stick with the book, the second half runs smoothly- beautifully in fact.  I was riveted by the end of the story; I just wish the beginning had been more fluid.  That said, at this point in time I am unsure if I will be picking up this author again.

This book is out now, check it out.

On the adult content scale I give it a three- while claiming to be a mystery that the antagonists thrive on sin I found it to be very tame.  There is obviously mild language, sexual content and violence.

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