How to Wed a Warrior, Christy English

How to wed a warrior, Christy English

*Minor spoiler alerts* Lady Prudence Farthington lost everything five years ago.  That was when her brother set sail with a shipload of goods that members of the ton had helped invest in… and never returned.  Vilified, their very name hated, Pru has had to go into hiding.  She lived with her aunt for as long as she could, but now it is time to move forward.  Her brother Albert is dead, and the earldom gone.

On the day where she is to meet her new employers, Pru encounters a young lady holding a man at sword point.  Stepping into the middle of the situation, Pru makes an ally of the young woman… and blows her cover.  The man was once someone she cared for very much, before everything happened.   He recognizes her immediately, but she hurries off with her new friends.  Mary Elizabeth and Robbie Waters are in London from Scotland only long enough to get Marry married off- her mother’s idea, not hers.  The two decide that Prue (who is posing as a widow) will be companion to Mary (and with luck, a steadying influence).

As Robbie and Pru get to know one another they fall in love, but Pru is afraid to marry him.  Her name is disgraced; this will rub off on anyone tied to her including Mary.  That’s when the news comes- Albert is alive.  Robbie and Pru must band together with the rest of the crazy clan to save her brother.

Honestly, I loved this book.  The dialogue was entertaining, the plot riveting and the characters endearing.  The book had a beautiful flow to the writing, making it impossible to put down.

This book is out now- go get it!

On the adult content scale I give it a six- fairly sexually graphic.

Link to book:

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