Every Time I find the Meaning of Life, They Change It ,Daniel Klein

Every Time.... Daniel Klein

*Spoiler Alert* I am very glad that I chose this book from First To Read.  Never having really studied philosophy, I have always thought the matter rather daunting- over my head as it were.  That said, I have always had an interest in the subject.  Daniel Klein seems to have taken his favorite bits from years of study and condensed them to… let’s call them Klein notes.  It makes it easier, more accessible to the masses.  I have already found several names to look up for more information later.   That said, it may be a tad misleading to label this as humor.  Granted, some are funny and he places several witty antidotes here and there; but there is more to it.  He reveals parts of himself that are dark and hurtful, depression and pain to go with the exerts that meant things to him at those times. Indeed, a number of the philosophers are downright depressing (some I even read in Eeyore’s voice).    The example of this that sticks out most was a quote from Arthur Schropenhaur (a German metaphysician): “Life oscillates between pain and boredom”.

On the other hand, some made me smile such as Freidrich Neitzsche’s  quote: “The secret of greatest fruitfulness is to live dangerously”.  This spoke to me of following dreams, chasing desires and simply doing- living.  For me, this resonated strongly because I have never been very outgoing or courageous.  I live very much in books; and while I like it here…. There’s more.  Does that make sense?  It could well be that I am missing the point of the quote completely.  All I know is it made me happy.

All in all I really enjoyed this book and will no doubt buy a copy later so that I might revisit pieces.

This book is out now, go get it!

On the adult content scale I rank it a three at most- mostly for language.

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle


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