The Distance From Me To You, Marina Gessner

The distance from me to you


*Minor spoiler alert* I received an early copy of this book from First to Read. I was so lucky to receive a copy of this book! I love that McKenna starts out imperfect- naive and more than a bit headstrong. On her journey, she learns her limits and tests her boundaries. We watch her row and expand by miles. Sam is cocky, sarcastic and skeptical. Leaving an abusive father behind he uses the trail to get to his brother, only to turn and walk back. The two meet up on the trail.  Eventually they become hiking partners, friends, and end up falling in love. When one bad decision sends everything spiraling McKenna has to grow strong and make some hard calls to finally see where her trail leads.

I loved the flowing pace of this book, even though it was told in two different voices it came together seamlessly and the characters were fantastic.

This book is out- go get it!

On the adult content scale I give it a three- drinking and language, some violence.

Link to book:

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