Private Paris, James Patterson

Private Paris, James Patterosn

*Spoiler alerts* Private Paris opens with a graffiti artist, Epée, racing down Boulevard Barb`es  looking for the perfect spot.  After defacing a mosque with his special signature he moves on.  AB-16.   Police try to catch him, but he forces two cars to collide and escapes in the aftermath.

Cut away to a beautiful Paris afternoon where Private CEO Jack Morgan is sitting with the head of Private Paris, Louis Langlois.   They are interrupted by a phone call.  Sherman Wilkerson, one of Jack’s Malibu clients, needs help.  His Granddaughter, Kimberly Kopchicki, is in danger in Paris.  They have to go get her and keep her safe.

Along with chasing around a client that absolutely refuses to be caught, they are wrapped up in insane car rides, shootings and international incidences. As if this weren’t enough, Paris’ brilliant and artistic are under siege.  With each killing is the odd Tag AB-16.  We have murder and mayhem, art and revenge.  As always, the Private series takes us on a wild, haunting ride.

This was, perhaps, my favorite of the series.  Point of fact, I had often been on the shelf about the series as a whole.  While Patterson is one of my favorite authors this series took time for me to warm up to.  I liked Jack, if he was a bit crazy; and Del Rio most likely because he is more than a bit.  The characters are fantastic and the stories are always fast paced and fierce… they just seemed to always miss some tiny element that the Alex Cross and Lindsay Boxer series had.  I think, though, that in this book they found their stride.  It had a fluid style, everything meshing well no matter how many things were going on.  I am now sold on the series completely.

This book came out yesterday and I could not put it down!  Go get it!

The adult content scale is rather high on this one… I am going to say a solid 8.  Sex, drugs, murder, violence… you name it.

Link to book:

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