Ireland, Frank Delany

Ireland, Frank Delany

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my lovelies!  In honor of the holiday, I wanted to take a moment to review one of my favorite books of all time:  Ireland, by Frank Delany.  It’s winter of 1951 and nine year old Ronan O’Mara meets his first Storyteller.  Way back these men would go from village to village, greeted with love and laughter.  They were fed and cared for, in return the told stories.  It was almost a festival feel.  Ronan is enchanted by this old man and his stories, in love with the history and bravery of the tale.   Sadly, not everyone is enthralled. The Seanchai- storyteller- is banished from the house for blasphemy and no amount of Ronan begging can change that. As he gets older, Ronan can’t forget the three nights he had with the story teller and decides he has to find him.  He moves along the isle searching, questioning villagers everywhere and being greeted only with memories of the stories that were told.

I adored this book and have over the years bought several copies.  I still have my paper back- the third I have had to buy as I have read and reread this book countless times.  I have it on eBook through my old Nook account; but I am also thinking of buying it on my amazon account because I can buy it with audio.  Oh if ever there was a book that needed to be read out loud!  The book is set up in short chapters and stories, easy stopping points for the person on the go with little time to read.  It flows effortlessly from tale to tale binding them together seamlessly.  I was, and always will be, enthralled by the magic of this book.

This book is out now- go buy it!

On the adult content scale, while it has been a while I am remembering very little questionable content.  I give it a five- there is a good amount of violence in some of the stories.

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle


One thought on “Ireland, Frank Delany

  1. I did end up buying the amazon eBook bundle- together about $6. I had always loved the idea of having this particular book read to me. Now, audiobooks have never been my thing, but that may change. The voice actor covering this book has a rich, melodious voice that adds to the magic of the story. I took it to the gym with me today and was impressed.


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