Wedding Girl,Stacey Ballis

Wedding Girl, Stacey Ballis

*Minor spoiler alert* I received a copy of Wedding Girl by Stacey Ballis from First To Read.  It was lauded as a funny, sweet, sarcastic romantic comedy- it lived up to the hype.   Sunshine Sophie Summer Karma Bernstein is getting ready to be married!  While her parents don’t believe in the need for all the pomp and ceremony, Sophie does (and so do her credit cards).  She has the dream dress, catering to die for, a cake that is lavishly unreal and a groom that…. Is gone.  What’s a pastry chef/ jilted bride to do?  Party, eat, get drunk and have terrible pics of herself posted everywhere of course.  In the aftermath of finding herself a laughingstock on the internet and $50,000 in debt her life spirals out of control.  Her work and personality suffer and she loses her prestigious job.

Moving in with Grandma (Bubbles) and her dog Snatch (there were so many jokes concerning that poor dog!).  After looking for quite a while and finding herself all but blacklisted, Sophie takes a part time job at Langer’s, the old grocery store in the neighborhood.  Herman Langer is kind and funny, forgiving and supportive.  Sophie is breathing new life into the old recipes and bringing in the crowds.  It may not be enough to fight the Cake Goddess when she moves into town, but it is nothing to sneeze at.  Tiny problem… Herman Junior wants dad to give up the store and move into a retirement home.  He worries for his father, and really, how long is a high profile baker like Sophie going to stay?

While all this is going on one of Sophie’s well-meaning friends starts a web page for her.  She is now the semi-proud owner of Wedding Girl where your questions are answered for a fee.  Sure Sophie’s own wedding didn’t end traditionally… but it was a hell of a party wasn’t it?  And that money could put a dent in her credit debt.  So here we are, baking, fighting, laughing at Snatch jokes (“quite scratching or you’ll be a bald Snatch!”  “Who’s a Smelly Snatch”) and becoming a bit of a wedding planning guru.  While here she Meets Jake, a man she helps with a bachelor party.  The two begin to write back and forth and, sight unseen, Sophie is half mad for him.  Problem is, she is also half mad for Mark (Herman Junior).  When her life has finished unravelling and winds its way back together who will be at her side?

This book comes out May third, go get it!

On the adult content scale I give it a four- lots of language and innuendoes; but it’s all in good fun.

Links to the book:

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