The Study of Seduction, Sabrina Jeffries

The Study of seduction, Sabrina Jeffries

*Minor spoiler alert* I just finished The Study of Seduction, by Sabrina Jeffries.  Edwin Barlow, Earl of Blakeborough, is a very serious man with little tact.  He doesn’t know how to flirt, or dance well, or charm anyone… his brother had had that in spades and it had only caused him trouble, so he figures this is the best way to be.  Of course he wants a wife, sweet and mild that won’t shake his life up too badly.  There’s time for that later, though.  For now he has been charged with watching over a friend’s cousin- Lady Clarrissa.  As she is the only one he can’t stop fantasizing about this is much like asking the fox to guard the hen.  It’s only a few weeks though, and so long as he remains aloof what could go wrong.

Lady Clarrissa is the bell of every ball gathering admirers in droves, whether she wants them or not.  A deep secret stops her from ever thinking of marriage, but she can talk and dance.  She is still young after all… One suitor will not take no for an answer, though, and is beginning to scare her.  He chases her, hounds her, all but forces himself on her…. Until Edwin is forced to step in, claiming Clarissa as his intended.  Clarrissa is shocked, and grateful, but worried.  While she likes Edwin, and is certainly attracted to him, can she marry anyone?  Besides, she isn’t exactly the type of woman he was looking for.  And yet… if anyone can protect her heart, it’s him.

Through treats and blackmail, crazed family and over-the-top balls the two bond and grow together.  The hasty marriage to protect Clarrissa becomes so much more.  It was fast paced and sweet, I loved it.

Now, to take a moment to gush about Jeffries!  I absolutely adore her writing style, with witty banter and fantastic character development.  Honestly, all I have to do is see her name and I am sold.  Her stories are full of laughter and light, enchanting characters.  There is always a bit of the more weighty aspects, though, a touch of pain and adversity and allows you to feel more strongly.  I am never disappointed.

This book is out now!  Go get it!

On the adult content scale, I give it a six.  Lots of sexual content, some violence.

Link to book:

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