Kindle First

I just learned of a program that Amazon is doing entitled Kindle First.  They pick roughly five books that will come out the next month and offer you your choice of one book for the highly discounted price of $1.99.  You can choose more than one book, but they will be more expensive and will not show up in your library until the release date (or that is my understanding, I have just started working with this subscription, and the help desk at Amazon was a bit sketchy on details.  Honestly no one even knew they were doing this.).  I chose While You Were Mine (review is already posted).  I am very excited about this subscription (I should note this is a monthly email subscription and not one that you pay a monthly fee for.  If you don’t want any of the offered books for the month you will not be charged).

So, the obvious perks are that you get a highly discounted book- who doesn’t love this?  Also, you get to read it before it is released to the public; which makes it all the more sinful to me.  It’s kind of like when my mom would let me pick one gift on Christmas Eve to open.  You felt like you were getting away with something and this was a special treat.

The only drawback I could find was that when I called Amazon Support for more information so I could share the news before the next group of books comes out on the first, the two associates I spoke with had no idea that they were offering this subscription.  The second associate, in fact, kept trying to lead me to Kindle Unlimited instead.  (Kindle Unlimited allows you to read as many books- so long as they are “kindle unlimited” books you want in a month for $9.99.  This is a good deal except that most of the books I want to read are not offered there.  Also, should you unsubscribe, you don’t own the books).

All in all I am extremely excited about this program and was too excited to wait- I had to share this with you!  The next round of books should be up on 4/01/2016, but if you haven’t nabbed your choice for this month check them out and get one for $1.99!

Link to the program:

Kindle First



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