Paris Letters, Janice Macleod

Paris Letters, Janice MacLeod

*Minor spoiler alert.* In life, it is easy to get burned out.  After years as a copy writer, Janice Macleod needs a change.  How much money would it cost, really, to buy herself time away from work?  Real time- not just two weeks?  With the help of a friend and prolific journaling, she came up with the $100 a day plan.  This would cover rent, bills, everything.  Along with saving back this money, she downsized her possessions.  By the time for her great adventure she was down to her suitcase.

We go from California to Paris, Paris to Rome and back again with brief pauses.  Along the way we get beautiful letters written to `Aine, she came to a great idea on how to make extra cash and keep the monetary buffer that she had worked so hard for.  She painted scenes all along Paris and wrote letters to blog subscribers.  We learn about the beauty (and tastiness) that Paris has to offer; along with info about her new love Christophe the butcher.  Throughout you find yourself laughing, growing and hoping with Janice.  It’s a beautiful thing!

This book is out now, go get it!

On the Adult Content scale I give it a three.  Flirty and fun.

Link to book:

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