Highly Illogical Behavior, John Corey Whaley

Highly Illogical Behavior

*Spoiler alert* Even as I write this review, I am wiping tears from my eyes.  I received a copy of Highly Illogical Behavior from the First to read program.  It was beautiful…mesmerizing, really.  I could not put it down!

Solomon Reed is an agoraphobic teenager that has spent three years since “The incident” building a home life that works for him.  He does homeschooling and reads, watches shows and listens to music.  He has a great relationship with his parents and loves his grandmother… the only thing he doesn’t do is go outside or have friends.  That’s okay, though.  He understands his limitations and proceeds accordingly.  Any time he has life questions he goes to his favorite show: Star Trek The Next Generation (what would Data do?).

Lisa Praytor is an overachiever with a capital O.  She is on yearbook, student council, has advanced placement classes, and is trying to get into Woodard University.  For her, this is the plan.  She wants to escape town, be better.   Her strongest memory of Solomon Reed is of the eighth grade boy taking off his clothes and going into the school fountain.  No one knew why, or what had happened to him.  She decides that she needs to find this boy from three years ago and help him.  Helping Sol can be her personal experience with mental illness.  Everyone wins right?

Lisa finally gets a meeting with Sol, to be friends.  They meet and hit it off.  While this is scary for Sol, it does seem to be helping and the two spend more and more time together watching movies and playing games.  Quickly, the essay in Lisa’s head takes a back seat and just being with her friend is all important.  She brings her boyfriend Clark, and he and Sol become inseparable.   With every relationship though, there is the chance of misunderstanding, miscommunication and just hurt feelings.  In the end, Sol finds out about the essay; and Lisa and Clark see his strongest meltdown.  How does one get past all of that?  Is it even possible?   The question becomes moot when there is a family emergency and Sol needs his friends.  How does the boy that hasn’t left home in three years survive getting to the hospital?

I won’t lie, this book wrecked me.  It was charming and hilarious, and heartbreaking.  I cried my eyes out.  This book brings agoraphobia to life- the pain, fear, guilt and embarrassment.  I thought it was beautifully done.

This book comes out 5/10/2016- don’t miss it (but bring Kleenex)!

As far as the Adult Content scale, I give it a one.  Minimal cursing.

link to the book:

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