A Duke But No Gentleman, Alexandra Hawkins

A Duke but no Gentleman

*Spoiler Alert* Tristan Rooke, Duke of Blackbern, has a well-deserved reputation as a rake and womanizer.   He and his friend Cason, Earl of Norgrave, had long since competed for women; and everything else.  When Norgrave sees a new debutante he can’t resist prodding at Tristan.  He wants a bet to see who the lady will fancy- the winning stroke being her virginity.  Against his better judgement Tristan agrees.

Imogene Sunter is enthralled with her first season.  The daughter of the duke of Trevett, she has many admirers but her favorite is the Duke of Blackbern.   She was surprised when he and his friend Norgrave began courting her, having been told to steer clear of those two.  Still, he is handsome and charming, always making her laugh.  She quickly falls in love with him.

The more time he spends with Imogene the more Tristan hates himself for the bet.  Imogene is everything he ever dreamed of, and he wants her for himself.  How does one step away from such a mess without rumors?  He is quickly realizing his old friend won’t just let this go; and he can’t stand to continue.  When he and Imogene become lovers, he doesn’t say anything to Norgrave.  Hoping his friend will tire of the chase, he stays quiet.

Norgrave, unfortunately, finds out and decides to lay a trap to gain revenge for what he sees are the slights against him.  Imogene and Tristan must pick up the pieces of their lives after he is done with them and decide how to proceed.

Parts of me are still not sure how I feel about this book.  I loved Tristan and Imogene, but felt many of the other characters were underdeveloped and one dimensional.  Some of the content was hard to swallow, and frankly upsetting… but then it was meant to be.  I would still give it a four star rating.

This book is out- go get it!

On the Adult Content scale I give it a nine: sex, violence , language, and more sex.

Link to book:

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