Three Weeks To Wed, Ella Quin

Three weeks to wed

*Minor spoiler alert* Lady Grace Carpenter has seven good reasons why she must never wed:  Charlie, Charlotte, Walter, Alice, Eleanor, Phillip and Mary.  Having fought long and hard for guardianship of her brothers and sisters she can’t afford to lose it.  When their parents died, aunts and uncles had offered to take one or two children- not all of them- and Grace could not allow her family to be separated.  When a freak storm catches her at an inn with the one man that ever tempted her… well, why not allow herself just one night?

Mattheus, Earl of Wothington, never thought one night at an inn would change the course of his life…. And then he was her.  The woman that shares the parlor with him is beautiful, intelligent and most definitely his.   During an unforgettable night, Matt is making plans to marry his new love.  There is just one issue- she never introduced herself.  When he wakes to find her gone, a madcap search ensues.  While taking his sisters to London so that Louisa can have her first season, Matt gathers his friends to aid in the search for his bride to be.

While Grace is readying Charlotte for her first season, she discovers Matt is looking for her- to marry her!  How does one explain that all they had to offer was one night… especially when she wants so much more?  When Matt finally catches her, she has to come clean.  What she doesn’t expect is for her lover to take seven dependents in stride and offer to take everyone.  So now the happy family with be ten dependents and two dogs.  While there are some hiccups along the way, we see the romance bloom and the couple rise triumphant.

Now that we have the gist of the story let’s talk about the things I loved about it.  The plot was unique and the characters, young Mary especially, were perfect.  There were a lot of laughs, and a lot of love.  I adored the interplay between each family, and how they reacted to one another.

Now, let’s address what I didn’t love about the story.  Grace, who in all other aspects is strong, smart and resilient; faints at the thought of scandal.  We see her fainting a lot.  While I understand that having guardianship of her family would make her leery of scandal, is this really in character?  Wouldn’t she be looking for ways to combat it?  This gets old fast.  Secondly, everything comes together a bit too easily, making an almost dull story.  I have to admit that it nearly lost me several times.  Still, it was good overall, I did end up enjoying the book.

This book came out last Tuesday (3-39-2016), go get it!

On the adult content scale, I am giving this one a six.  There is a large amount of sex.

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