From the Kitchen of Half Truth, Maria Gooden

Fom the Kitchen of Half Truths

All her life Meg May has been told the most outlandish tales about the beginning of her life.  How when she was a baby she ate a piece of mint cake and sped cross county, much to the chagrin of a bus driver, pedestrians, dog catcher and police man.  How when she was born the gas man caught her in a frying pan.  How she was “undercooked” when she was first born and they moved her here and there trying to get her to grow.  Up until the age of eight these things make perfect sense as they were the stories her mother always told her- these were her memories.

When she would tell other children these stories, they began to ridicule her, calling her a liar and crazy.  It wasn’t long before Meg decided to put away all imaginary things in deference to scientific facts.  She becomes very hard and exacting in this regard; hating to see children play make-believe because she knows what comes next.  She hates her mother’s stories and feels cheated of her childhood.  She really doesn’t know anything about the beginning of her life!  When her mother becomes sick she comes home to be with her, hoping to finally get some real answers.  Instead she gets more stories as her mother marches on with her life, pretending she isn’t dying.

Her Scientist boyfriend, Mark, encourages her to press for answers.  When someone from her mother’s past offers pieces of the past, Meg has to come to terms with reality and fiction.  Is it really better to know the truth?  At her mother’s funeral, Meg meets all the people her mother had helped.  Everyone who loved her mother from afar.

It was a lovely story, though I must admit there were times I wanted to hate Meg.  All of them, really- no character save the dog were saved from my pain and ire.  Still, it was touching to see Meg grow and become someone she could be proud of.  All in all I give it four stars.

This book is out now- go get it!

On the Adult Content scale, I give it a two.  Mostly language, some drunken revelry and very little violence.

Link to book:

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