Some Women, Emily Liebert

Some Women, Emily Liebert

Annabel is a mother of twin five year old boys, Harper and Hudson.  Before that, she and her husband Henry started a tech company.  Or rather, Henry started it while she organized, plotted and managed everything from the business to their home life.  Once the boys were born, she decided to be a stay at home mom.  Everything is controlled and planned to the minute; Annabel has lists for her lists.  One day, having already gotten the day’s chores done, she argues with her husband about some menial task she wants him to do.  To her surprise, he leaves her.    Calling her a miserable person, he walks out with a suitcase he made months before.

Piper is a single mother of ten year old Fern, and a reporter for one of Mead Company’s magazines.  She has been dating Todd for a while, and the two have decided to live together.  Sadly this is upsetting for Fern, who liked Todd fine before.  Fern wants to find her “real dad”.  Piper is hurt and confused, and, to be honest she is scared that Fern will be hurt.  Against all odds Fern finds Max and gets him to come meet her.  Max decides he wants to be part of their lives, but what does this mean for Todd?

Mackenzie is married to the heir of Mead.  Trevor is sweet and charming, handsome and generous.  He also comes with a controlling, crazy mother.  CeeCee has decided that it is time that she got a grandson.  Not that they haven’t been trying for three years… the timeline is simply unacceptable.  She talks to Mackenzie about seeing a fertility specialist.  Oddly, Trevor doesn’t seem as excited about all of this.

The three women meet at a workout class and bond.  Leaning on one another through their troubles, they help one another become stronger, better people.  I loved that about this story.  There was real pain and understanding, love and friendship on very deep levels.   I enjoyed going through everything with these characters.

This book came out on the 5th and I highly recommend it.

On the adult content scale, I give it a two.  Mostly language with some suggestive scenes.

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