You Can’t Always Get The MarquessYou Want, Alexandra Hawkins

You Can't always get the Marquess you want

This is the second book in the Masters of Seduction series, after A Duke But No Gentleman.  (My review of that book is up, by the way).  I recommend reading that book first.

Chance and Tempest meet by accident.  As their families hate one another, they were never meant to meet; certainly not like one another.  But Chance can’t leave her be.  He thinks of her constantly, dreams of her.  Through notes, friends and secret meeting the two fall in love.

Tempest’s father, having already picked her husband, does everything he can to stop the couple.   The past of the parents gets laid bare in two very different accountings- which is real?  The answer could wreck their lives.

While I enjoyed this book far more than the first, I still feel like many of the characters are very one dimensional.   Why must one be evil just for the sake of being evil?  Surely there could be some redeeming bits to balance them out?  I feel like enough time was given to Chance and Tempest, but that is all.  They are the only two I really felt were multifaceted.   As this is their story, I suppose one could argue that that was all the story needed but I have a real issue with throw-away characters.

Overall, it was an intriguing, quick read and I will be picking up the next one in January.

This book came out on the 5th, check it out.

On the Adult Content scale I give it a five- fairly graphic sexual content.  As a whole, I give the book a three.  I do hope the next one has better character development.

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