news-bookshotsIn June James Patterson and his group of co-authors will be bringing us new treats!  Bookshots are meant to bring fantastic stories for those that believe they don’t have time for books.  Each one will be under 150 pages, and while some will link to his larger series, there do seem to be some that will stand alone.  (Or maybe introduce new characters that will later have series?  Just a thought.)  By the looks of his website (click here), there should be at least two bookshots per month starting with Cross Kill on June 7th.

If this were anyone else I would be a little worried.  With a novella you often don’t get a lot of character development or plot really.  There’s so much to put in a book and you become limited by space constraints.  Patterson and Co., though, have shown me time and again that they can pack adventure, mayhem, and unforgettable characters all in the first two chapters of their novel, so I am not worried.  At $3.99 on the Kindle app, these are extremely inexpensive (I normally pay $14.99 for a new James Patterson eBook and consider it a steal).  As they are shorter than a normal book, they will be easier to fit into the more hectic schedule and thus bring the books to groups that may not have normally gotten them.  There is hope of them being in the magazine racks at convenience stores and drug stores, allowing for a wider audience as well.  Personally I am excited!

Want to know more?

New York Times story on bookshots

Bookshots page



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