Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Caf`e, Fannie Flagg

Fried Green

From the start, all I could think was “Why haven’t I read this book yet?”.    Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café will forever be a favorite of mine.  It read like old friends gossiping to one another, taking me to another time and place.  I adored the characters and all their interactions. There’s Ninny Threadgoode, an older woman in a retirement home, telling her life story to Evelyn, a new acquaintance in need of distraction.  Feeling old and fat, ineffectual and unnecessary; Evelyn clings to Ninny’s stories about the goings on in mad-cap Whistle Stop.  Slowly but surely, Ninny’s warmth and acceptance help Evelyn to find herself; and her stories give Evelyn the adventure she has always craved.

These characters are so well developed, they leap from the page.  Idgie Threadgoode, the jokester and prankster- tough as nails with a loving heart.  Ninny, so naïve that she believes her husband when he tells her that the crows on the phone lines can listen in on her conversations with her feet.    Ruth, Idgie’s life-long love and companion; so sweet and beautiful everyone loves her, with an inner strength that shines through.  I could go on about this cast of characters forever and not do them all justice!  I loved Ninny’s talks with Evelyn, the flash backs and, of course, Dot Weem’s newsletter that read more like a woman gossiping to friends.  Closing the book I almost feel like I left home, but it’s a good feeling.  You can, after all, always return to Whistle Stop and listen to Idgie’s tall tales over a plate of bar-b-que.

This book is out- go get it.  Personally, I want to find the movie now to see how the characters came out.

I have to give it a slightly higher rating on the Adult Content scale, only because of the racism, and a good amount of violence and cursing.  There is minimal sexual content.

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