Forrest Gump, Winston Groom

forrest gump

I am embarrassed to say that I never knew Forrest Gump was a book.  I had just written my blog post siting movies that were better than their book counterparts, and my brother-in-law said something about it.  I was floored!  Tom Hanks had turned Forrest into such an interesting, lovable character on screen that I had to see how the book measured up.

While I still adore the character of Forrest Gump the book made him more simpleton, less loveable.  Does that make sense?  He had a certain charm in the book and the stories were outlandish and entertaining, but he made so many blunders that cost him too dearly.  Through the book, he claims to love Jenny-all he needs is her to be happy- and yet, every time he gets her he does some bonehead thing.  Not because he’s simple, but because he wants more.  He wants to smoke weed, he wants to be a wrestler (The Dunce… really?).

Yet, even with the abhorrent spelling and grammar (I know it was for the character, but honestly… could we not have one paragraph that was well done?), I fell in love with the stories that got crazier and crazier.  The horrendous first date, his stint as a college football player, and astronaut… his time with the cannibals- and let’s not forget the bid for senate!

While I am glad that I read the book I must admit, Scott was right.  The movie was better.  Still, can you really go wrong with more time with this iconic character?  Go get the book, you won’t be sorry!

As far as the Adult Content Scale goes I am giving it a five.  There’s lots of cursing, some violence, alcohol and sexual content.  Mostly cursing.

Link to book:

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