300 Days of Sun, Deborah Lawrenson

300 days of Sun, Deborah Lawrenson

                300 Days of Sun   came out April 12th of this month.  Not only did I buy my eBook copy, I bought  a paper copy for my library before even reading the first chapter- I just knew it would be that amazing.  For me, I loved the steady pace of the novel, and how we got little snippets of the past.  Lawrenson really took you to those beautiful, hot streets with her wonderful imagery and amazing cast of characters.

                Joanna Millard is a political journalist, running from mediocrity.  Her job was one that she is no longer excited about and is not so sad about being downsized.  Marc, while lovely on paper, is just not the guy she wants to spend any more time with.  Sadly, he isn’t getting the hint.    Going to Faro, Portugal and taking a language course seems brilliant.  Beauty and sunlight… perfect for rejuvenating.  There, she meets Nathan Emberlin, who is young, gorgeous and always good for a party.  As she spends more time with him, though, she realizes all that is a façade to hide his true self- a damaged boy who thinks he might have been stolen from his real family.  Following Nathan on his quest for answers,  she becomes intimately aware of the seedy underbelly of paradise. 

                Between meeting expat Ian Rylands, reading The Alliance at his urging, and trying to find the only man that Nathan remembers from his youth, this is an interesting adventure.  I personally loved it!

                This book is out now- go get it!

                On the adult content scale I give it a four- violence, language and some sexual content.

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