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newspaper-stackI was reading the USA Today, and I fell in love with a few of the mini stories.  I really want to share, and maybe this will be an ongoing page.  If you know of any stories you like from papers, let me know, but I have some guidelines-

1.No politics.  We get enough of that on Facebook thanks.

2. When commenting, respect the individual.  My site will not tolerate bullying or badmouthing.  If we can’t discuss this like adults, well… we shan’t discuss it.  I approve all messages that come onto my site, so that won’t be hard.  This is not to say you must agree with everything I say.  A lively and friendly debate is a lovely thing.

Okay?  Okay!  Now, my favorite part of the USA today of late has been what I refer to as blurb-by-state.  Each state gets at least one small blurb describing something from their local news.  Some are charming and sweet, some sad, and some hilarious.  Here are some that caught my eye:

  1. (Found in the USA Today for 4/235/16)  Sick 3-year-old gets 8,000 birthday cards: (read original story here ) Paige Mason from Evansville has brittle bone disease.  Her last two birthdays were spent with broken bones.  For her third birthday her parents wanted her to have a safe, enjoyable celebration.  Her mother posted a photo on Facebook in March of Paige holding a sign asking for birthday cards.  It was shared more than 700 times.  Among the well wishers were the New England Patriots, Disney’s Anna and Elsa, schools, nursing homes and even a prison.

I loved this story!  It just warmed my heart that so many people would do this for this little girl.

2.(found in the USA Today 4-25-16)  California woman attempts to run parents over: (read story here ). 32 year old woman leads police on a 100 mph chase after trying to run over her parents.  She was later caught in Los Angeles while taking off her clothes on the street.

Yeah, that’s all the USA today had to say about that- and it was enough.  Horrible woman that I am, my first thought was to thank my lucky stars I didn’t deal with this type of stuff at work.  You have to admit, it’s pretty funny (mostly because the parents are alright).  If you want to know more, I linked another story on it above.

3.(Found in Kansas City Star for 4-24-16 but I am posting a different link) Kansas City Zoo- Waste not, want not.  I love it!  It seems the Kansas City Zoo composts it’s animals excrement in order to make compost.  Zoo Manoo sells for $25 a truck load.  Not only do they not have to pay for waste disposal, but they make extra from doing this.  It states that the manure takes two years to decompose.  If anyone’s interested, the compost heap is between the elephants and the rhinos.  Read the story here

Just a thought, why isn’t every zoo doing this?  Are other zoos?  Is the one near you?

4. (Found in the Kansas City Star for 4-24-16) Storybooks brought to life.   Rabbit Hole, is gearing up to make a museum where children are “dropped Alice- like” into a wonderland of classic stories.  Many large name children’s authors vouch for Pete Cowden, as he attempts to make this museum a reality.  Read story here.

If you are interested in donating to this please go here: Rabbit Hole Fundraising site

5. (Found in USA Today Weekend edition 4/22-4/24/16) Book-loving stars on Instagram:  These days a ton of actresses are posting selfies of themselves and the book they are reading.  Every Thursday Lisa Dunham makes reading suggestions on lenny.  Of course there is also Reese Witherspoon, Emma Watson and many others.  Personally I think this is awesome.  Let’s replace the duckface pics with bookish Selfies! read story here .

6. (found in USA Today 4-27-16) Love of Libraries:  Karen Fox of Fairbanks, Alaska has one of the oldest library cards still in use.  Out of more than 381,000 cards, hers is number 387.  She goes twice a week, and when they travel she likes to visit the libraries in other communities.  Read Full Story here.

7. (found in USA Today 4-27-2016) Anything to declare?  Khoua Vang, 49, was caught at O’Hare International airport with more 38 pounds of drugs in her luggage.  She was traveling home to Minnesota from Laos. Read full story here

So what’s in the news by you?



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