Where They Found Her, Kimberly McCreight

where they found her

                Three very different women are trying their best to be the best mom they can be.  Battling depression, Molly is still reeling from the loss of her baby, a child lost in the womb.  With the help of her husband Justin she tries to find herself again and raise Ella in a happy and healthy environment.  But how do you raise a healthy child when you aren’t healthy?  When you can’t let go of the guilt and pain? 

                Then there’s Barbara, the wife of the chief of police.  Everything in her world is timed, orderly and perfect.  In her mind, she can be catty, hateful, and cruel.  But her mother always taught her to draw that back.  Smile.  She may not be tactful, and she knows she is controlling, but her kids are perfect.  Hannah is already taking college courses in high school and tutoring people trying to get their GED.  Lovely as she is, she isn’t one to chase the boys or get herself into trouble.  Cole, in kindergarten, is sweet and strong.  Level headed like her.  They are perfect-unlike some people’s children.

                Stella would be that “some people”.  A divorcee with two children: Aiden, a teenager reported to take drugs and be violent; and Will who is in Cole’s kindergarten class.  Stella hates the super-mom persona Barbara puts on.  Her kids are driving her nuts and she doesn’t know what to do with them.  And it’s okay to hate your ex-husband, right?    Still, she cares about her kids, and she cares about Molly. 

                When tragedy breaks in their town the three are pulled together in grief, friendship, hatred and secrets.  The body of a dead infant is found just off college campus by the creek.  Molly, being the only available reporter, is volunteered to write the story for the town paper.  At first it is daunting and painful… another dead baby.  Then, it is therapeutic.  She is finally doing something!  Everyone is trying to guess who the mother of the baby is- Stella’s maid Rose?  The new girl in town?  Her mother went to high school there, why not the daughter?  Lives unravel and the world gets messy in a world of pain, secrets, and mental illness.  When the dust settles, will anyone be left standing?

                Personally?  I loved this book.  I loved how it all flowed together, even though it was written in several points of view.  Each character had its own voice and you could tell what was going on (though the name heading each chapter was nice).  I never felt like I had it all figured out, and I was never bored.  That’s how I like my mysteries.    I cried with Molly and Sandy, I cheered for the girl later.  I just really enjoyed this book.  It was the first of hers that I had read, but I am already on the waiting list for the other book of hers that is out. 

                This book has been out a while, if you haven’t read it yet you should!

                On the adult content scale, I give it an eight.  There was a large amount of violence, cursing, drugs and some sexual content.

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