for tbr blog.pngI had started a constantly cycling post called up and coming, but I saw this and  I like it better.  And so, without further ado, what I plan on reading May 2016.

  1. The Eagle Tree,Ned Hayes.  I actually already finished this book and my review is posted.
  2. Deliver Her, Patricia Perry Donovan.  This was one of the Kindle First books that I preordered last month.  Alex looses her friend in a car accident on her sixteenth birthday.  She starts partying and acting out.  Her mother wants to put daughter back on the right track and chooses a boarding school for Alex.  Meg gets a transport for Alex, but when it goes wrong and her daughter goes missing they have to find a way to get through.
  3. 15th Affair,James Patterson. Patterson is one of my favorite authors, so I preordered this one months ago and it came onto my Kindle yesterday.  I am trying to read Deliver Her first, but I love me some Lyndsay Boxer.  She is awesome.
  4. The Trial of Apollo, Rick Riordan.  Guess who ticked off Zeus!  Made mortal as punishment, Apollo has to figure out how to survive as enemies close in.  I rather like Riordan’s other series’ and have high hopes for this one.
  5. Break In Case of Emergency, A Novel, Jessica Winters.  This is one of my First to Read books and I started it, but I have it on my tablet and I am lazy.  I will definitely finish it this month though.
  6. The After Party, Anton DiSclafani.  Another First to Read book I am excited about.

Those are all the books I have pre-ordered, or set up for now.

If time allows I want to read:

  1. Radio Girls, Sarah-Jane Stratford.  I am getting this book from First to Read on the 6th.
  2. We’re All Damaged, Mathew Norman.  This was my Kindle First choice of the month.
  3. Furiously Happy, Jenny Lawson- providing the library provides the eBook.  I am still on a waiting list so this may have to be bumped back for a while.

Happy Reading guys!


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