Top Ten Tuesday- Characters to revisit

toptentuesday2This weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and Bookish Blog.  Today’s topic is: Ten Childhood Characters you’d love to revisit as adults.  I am very excited to present my list, though it is no particular order:



  1. Peter March Wong.  I know I just finished The Eagle Tree, but I have to add him.  I love this character and really feel like I didn’t get enough time with him.  I want to know how else he grows.
  2. Winnie Foster.  Winnie Foster from Tuck Everlasting has always intrigued me.  I would like to know how she grew and what she did.
  3. Alice. Who doesn’t want to talk to Alice from Alice in Wonderland?   I would love to know how she grew up, if she ever missed Wonderland, or even really remembered that time.
  4. Wendy Darling.  Peter Pan’s Wendy is another favorite of mine and I would love to know how she grew, if she had children.  If she had regrets.
  5. Hermione Granger: Okay, I loved the Harry Potter books, all the characters were fantastic; but I have a soft spot for Hermione.  She is such an awesome heroine, brilliant and strong.  I really want to know what she does after Hogwarts.
  6. Arrietty: I love The Borrowers, but read them later in life.  Arrietty intrigues me.  I would like to know how she grew up, where she landed.
  7. Spiller: Toward the middle of the Borrowers series, this character comes into focus.  Spiller is a bit taciturn, but his interactions with Arrietty are charming.  I would like to see them grown together.
  8. Max:  Maximum Ride is a favorite of mine and it ends with things settling into place.  I want to know how she, and really the rest of the flock, are.
  9. Grover Underwood: What can I say?  From the Percy Jackson series Grover was definitely a top five character for me.  I just really liked his character.  You had Percy, the brawn, Annabeth the wise and Grover the musical.  I kid, he is awesome and I hope to see more of him in the new series.  Why not?
  10. Pinocchio: How is it going actually being a real boy?  Has anyone else ever wondered?

And there we have it!  See you guys next time!




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