Deliver Her, Patricia Perry Donovan

deliver her

                *Spoiler Alert.* Deliver Her is first and foremost a story about choices, how each choice we make can shape our lives forever.  Told in three voices- Alex, her mother Meg, and Carl Alden a transport driver.  Life changed the night of Alex’s sweet sixteen party.  Her best friend by her side, Alex had had a great time.  A family argument upset Alex, and she chose to drink with another friend.  Cass, her best friend, tried to get Alex extra time to sober up.  They were just supposed to go on a half hour drive. 

                Choices were made.  A car crash ended fatally for Cass and Alex spiraled out of control.  Skipping school and making bad choices, Alex couldn’t find her way back.  She tried, in secret, to get tutoring and help.  It was just too hard, being at that school without Cass.  Meg, worried about her daughter, tried everything to help her daughter.  One day, a bag of pills changed everything.  Terrified for her daughter, she called Begin Again Transport to get her daughter to a new school. 

                The transport car wrecks, and Alex is forced to make some choices.   

                On a personal level, I really enjoyed this book.  The beginning dragged quite a bit, admittedly, but it really came into its own.  I felt for, and was angry at, each of these characters in turn.  If there was more communication, so much could be avoided; but that was another choice made.  The writing style was fluid and interesting, the characters well developed and the plot was interesting.  It lost a star for me because I feel like maybe there could have been more on the father’s side.  Also, again, the beginning dragged.  Stick with it, though, you won’t be sorry.


                This book is out- go get it!

                On the Adult Content Scale, I give it a four.  This is mostly due to language, substance abuse and some hard topics that may be difficult for anyone younger than, say, fifteen.

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