15th Affair, James Patterson

15th affair

                *Spoiler alert* James Patterson has come out with another crazy adventure.  Lyndsay Boxer is back, dealing with a triple homicide at the Four Seasons where the only known witness is MIA… or perhaps the killer?  Then there’s a plane crash that has rocked the news with the sheer number of fatalities.  What brings these two together?  One name- a man who is both shot at the Four Seasons and the plane.  Boxer and friends have their work cut out for them and very little to go on. 

                Through all this, on a personal level, Joe’s gone missing.  Her husband doesn’t return calls, doesn’t check in.  While she tries to find her husband, Lyndsay learns more and more about a life she didn’t know he had. 

                Are we keeping up?  Three murders, witness/killer MIA; husband gone and plane crash.  Let’s add to this.  Remember the name that links the plane and the hotel?  When Lyndsay goes to talk to the wife a second time, she finds another murder.  So this is now a quadruple homicide.  There are others interested in the victims as well- enough to beat up boxer and push her into a shootout. 

                Working these cases, Lyndsay sees Joe- her Joe- first on footage from the hotel and then the widow’s house.  What is he doing there?  Where has he been? And, perhaps the saddest question, could he be the killer?  How well does she really know the father of her child? 

                Personally, this was my favorite book in the series.  The action started immediately and the plot was amazing.  The play between characters is lively, something I love about the series.  Each of the girls have their own thing to add to the table, and bring the story along.  While I highly recommend reading the whole series, you could pick this up on its own and know enough about each character to make a very enjoyable book. 

                This book came out May, 2nd, 2016.  Go get it!

                On the Adult Content Scale, I have to rate it fairly high.  An eight, I think.  Language, violence, sexual content, violence…. Yeah, lots of violence.

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