Don’t lick the Minivan, Leanne Shirtliffe

don't lick the minivan

                My apologies, but I am going to gush in this review.  I got Don’t Lick the Minivan from the library last year and loved it.  It was one of those books that just stick with you.  Leanne Shirtliffe is an absolute genius! She has a blog that is fantastic and hilarious, but the book is about her and her husband Chris’s adventures in baby raising. 

                Having twins in their thirties was a trip for Leanne.  They were unencumbered, and so they could run off and Thailand and teach.  The first part imparts hilarious scenes from their lives with twins there.  Then they move from forever hot Thailand to the land of winter, Canada.  The kids are hilarious, the husband, Leanne…. I just completely fell in love with the whole family.  It never went away. 

                This mother’s day I bought my mom the book through Amazon (I live in fear of buying things to be shipped through mail because you just never know how it will come in.   Plus our fed-ex and mail man are both meanies that enjoy leaving things on the porch for hours when they would fit in the mail box.), but my local book stores couldn’t order it in.  I just had to have it for Mom!  She loved it (I think Dad loved it more, oddly). 

                What makes this book great is that the chapters are short, basically small hilarious antidotes with great headlines and perfect stopping points.    If you don’t often have time to read, this book is for you.  Quick chapters and it’s easy to remember everything that has happened-and if not, who cares!  Really, you don’t even have to read it in order- pick the chapter headlines that jump out at you when you need a pick-me-up.    That is the brilliance of this book.  It’s gorgeously written and funny-these stories will never get old.  I rented it from the library again (I really need to buy this one), and finished the whole of it in four hours.  I could not put it down- and this was the second time I had read it! 

                Some of my favorite chapter heads were:

1.       So the accountant got her aunt to do some woo-woo on our unborn babies?

2.       Do you think it’s heretical if I refer to myself as The Trinity?

3.       Please take these crying things away.

4.       Can you stop selling boob show passes to our guests?

5.       How long were those drunken women holding our babies?

6.       You don’t need clothes to be a dancer.

7.       Did you actually lick the tire?

8.       He put the hose down the vent and turned on the water.


The book is out!  Get it- love it- gift it!

On the adult content scale…. 3.  Some swearing, adult humor and the like.

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle

Link to blog:

Ironic Mom


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