What’s New Wednesday? Week 2


The date is 5-11-2016, and I am super excited to do my second weekly post for What’s New Wednesday.  I am still trying to piece together what I want to share here, and how.  Today I thought I would start with what’s been going on with me, then news.  Let me know if you guys like this, or the layout of my first one better please.  Thanks!

So, what’s new with me?  I have been working on replenishing my lotions.  I get eczema pretty bad, so I learned that making my own lotions and sugar scrubs work well for me.  (There is a lady in town that makes all natural bar soaps for $5, so I just buy from her.)  Anyway, if anyone is interested in the recipes I will post them in comments.  Pinterest is a gold mine.

My husband and I went to see Civil War.  It was glorious!  Love the new Spiderman, though I missed The Hulk.  I have to admit, he is one of my favorite characters- especially with this actor portraying him.  That’s all I will say- no spoilers- but go see it!   Go, go, go!

I locked in three books with First To Read, which will show up on the 18th… I suppose that means I ought to be reading the two I already have…. I will- I mean to.  I have until the first of next month so I figure I am good.   I love these guys- they’re better than Santa!

And now *drum roll* what’s new in the news!

  1. NASA sets a new world record:  The Kepler space telescope has found 1,284 exoplanets.  This is the largest dump of new planets in history, doubling what the Intrepid found.  Of all of these, only nine are thought to be rocky and of the inhabitable zone.  Read the story here
  2. Undie run went off without a hitch:  Colorado State University students had their annual Undie Run despite the opposition of the faculty.  (in an aside, it’s college… be glad the students are wearing undies.)Read story here
  3. The Blue Door Project opens many doors for foster kids:  Laura Drescher and family of Kansas City are turning an old convent into a foster home for older children.  It will have room for 16 children, eight boys and eight girls with the couple living in between .  They hope that having a place like this means the foster children won’t have to move as often and will get a bit of stability.  read story here

What’s new in books:

  1. I was reading The New York Times Book Review and found Ladivine, by Marie NDiaye.  This looks amazing!  It is said to be an account of four generations of women.  Ladivine Sylla immigrates to France where she works as a house cleaner.  Her daughter Malinka is ashamed of her.  Changing her name to Clarisse, she marries a French man.  Only visiting her mother in secret, Ladivine is allowed no contact with her son in law or granddaughter.  There will be insights into two other generations.  I think I am getting this one!

That’s all for now!  What’s new with you?




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