Book Haul!!!

IMG_20160516_134607 2.jpgFor the last week I have been sick- and it sucked really bad.  Today, while exhausted, I feel more myself so I decided to reward myself with an outing.  I went to my favorite Chinese Buffett, then hit a local book shop on the way home.  I had never been in here, because I am mostly a digital reader.  It takes up less space and when you are a book addict with literally hundreds of books, that is something to consider.

Before anyone says anything, yes my TBR pile has hit triple digits.  I just can’t help myself!  Plus, three of these books were .25 a piece and the other two were half off!  You can’t get eBooks that cheap!  (Grand total was $10.)  Seriously, I hope every town has a book shop like this- they’re wonderful.  I will probably visit more than is good for me.

Add to this, the library is getting Ladivine by Marie NiDaiye at my request.  I will be first in line when that comes in! I am so excited about that!  I have been seriously evaluating the pros and cons of buying that book for a little bit (“ooh… a beautiful new book!” “but, remember you’re poor.”  “I could eat ramen for lunch for a couple weeks….” the mental rambling goes n, but you get the picture).

One of my book sites that email me ( I think it was Free Booksie)  had a few goodies today.  I picked up The Last Single Girl by Bria Quinlan and Shadow of a Century by Jean Grainger.

On the 18th First To Read will be giving me my guaranteed copies of:

  • Jonathan Unleashed, by Meg Rosoff
  • Little Girl Gone by Gerry Schmitt
  • Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett

I am super excited about all these! It may take a while to get to them all, but it’ll be fun!




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