What’s new Wednesday? Week 3

IMG_20160428_120147What’s new with me:

Well, since last week I have been sick, but am finally back to normal.  I am trying a few new things with the theme of my blog, mainly deciding on one.  My husband is making a plotter ( a type of printer that uses a pen to draw on a piece of paper-his explanation not mine because I don’t really know what’s going on).  Due to illness/laziness I have fallen off the gym routine, but I am determined to get back there.  That is most of my cat Sassy Britches in the picture with ,me enjoying Mommy and Me time.  Otherwise, I have done the math, counting up all the books on my TBR shelf (read-library) and the insane number is 119- this includes the book haul from a few days ago and the three I received from First to Read today, but not what I preordered for next month.  I believe I may have a serious problem here… on the other hand, there are worse addictions, right.

What’s new in News:

  • Last stop- Hart Island:  An uninhibited strip of the Bronx is home to a 101 acre mass grave.  In New York, the unclaimed dead are used as educational cadavers and then sent to Hart Island for burial.  Since 1994 The Hart Island Project has helped families get public burial records and helped people track down loved ones.  Read story here.
  • The Homeless Crisis to flood the media 06/29/16: Representatives of the San Francisco Examiner, The Chronicle and many other Bay Area news sources are banding together to coordinate coverage on the homeless crisis.  The hope is to create enough coverage to force politicians to do something about the issue.  Read story here.

What’s new in books:

  • Please Don’t Call Me Chubby Roni!:  An illustrated story by Roni Beshears,  this is a story about the harm of name-calling for an overweight child in school.  With the prevalence of bullying in school, I think it may be a way to open communication about these types of things.  get the book

That’s it for me- what’s new with you?





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