Time Magazine: Animals & Your Health

IMG_20160520_154323I know magazines aren’t my usual fair, but this one just looked so enticing! There are chapters talking about human bonding, comfort creatures, service animals and more.  I found it enlightening without reading like a text book.  Being me, I was also in favor of the multitude of adorable pictures.

The magazine gave several good examples of when having a comfort creature has been good for the well being of people with anxiety or depression.  I take mood stabilizers and with Sassy Britches’ help I get through bouts of depression that used to be far harder for me.  She knows when I am sick or sad, and she stays by my side, hugging and cuddling until I feel better.  To be clear, she is not a comfort creature in so far as she doesn’t have paperwork, has not been prescribed, and I don’t need to take her with me when I go out.  Mostly, I just need her at home, and she understands me enough to accept when she is needed.  My relationship with Sassy, though, makes it easier for me to understand how such a pet would be a god-send for others that suffer from depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

It goes on to discuss places that allow for cat cafés, and even an Uber app that allows you to schedule 15 minutes of puppy play where you rent a dog to play with and allow you to de-stress.  There are also chapters on using pets in therapy, and the health benefits to owning pets.

What I found interesting, was that it also talked about some people that will take advantage of the service animal system to simply take their animal everywhere.  Restaurants, air planes… and getting into rental properties without paying the pet fee.    In California people caught fraudulently passing off their pets as service animals can see six months in jail and be fined $1,000.  Roughly 1/3 of the states have adopted anti-fake-service-animal legislation.

I found this to be a really good magazine, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I do recommend it, but given that the sticker price is $13.99 I am just not sure it was worth that much.  The price alone drops a star from the review leaving it with four.  starstarstarstar

This magazine is out- go get it!

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