Soulmate, Kellie McAllen


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Title: Soulmate (Soulmate series book one)

Author: Kellie McAllen

Pages: 222 (kindle edition)

Genre: paranormal/ YA romance

                The premise of this book drew me in, it was so intriguing!  What if you had known your soulmate all your life?  You had that connection- shared everything… even your body.  The day Rider’s mother decided to abort her pregnancy, Rider’s spirit found a new home in-womb with Rachel.  All her life, Rachel had Rider beside her- her silent (though not imaginary, dang it) friend that she learned too late not to discuss with others.  These stories made her a pariah at her old school, her only friend Paige- the one girl that believed in Rider.

                When her family moves several hours away, it allows Rachel to start again.  This time, no one hears about Rider!  She quickly makes a friend of Tara and her friends in the science club.  Plus this really handsome guy seems interested in her!  All her friends, including Rider, try to get her to steer clear, but she just won’t listen.  Loving her, Rider decides he just has to accept this.  Sharing a body, it isn’t like they could be together.    When things go too far at a party and Jason drove her home, they got in an accident.  Her date, Jason, dies and Rachel and Cameron (the other driver) are rushed to the hospital.  Rachel has brain surgery and Cameron had heart surgery.  Both code and end up in a coma.  When Rachel wakes, Rider is gone.  She feels horrible, guilt ridden because of Jason and Cameron; heartbroken because of Rider.

                When Cameron and Rachel meet at school, it’s like they have known each other forever.  Cameron suffers from memory loss and Rachel is the only thing that feels right.  It all clicks when they kiss- Rider is in Cameron’s body!…. and end book.

                Okay, let’s start with what I liked.  Obviously the premise of the story was unique for me.  I mean, Sundays at Tiffany’s had an imaginary friend-love interest theme, but it was very different (and amazing! James Patterson can do no wrong).  I liked the science club, I even enjoyed Rider’s snark.

                What I didn’t like was how easy it was for Jason and his friends to get Rachel to do things she knew she shouldn’t.  She was weak, always wanting to be popular; which I suppose is a bit normal for a teen girl, but still.  Besides that, you have to let go of everything you believe, or this book is just too ridiculous.  I still really enjoyed it, though, and recommend it.  I will be buying the second book at a later date, right now I just have too many other books to be getting through.  (That triple digit TBR pile is scary).



On the Adult Content Scale, I give it a two- some drinking, some bad decisions, but tame.  General.svg

Link to book:

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