What’s New Wednesday? Week 4

geekaliciousHappy Geek Pride day!  (Seriously, this is a thing- it started in Spain in 2006.)  I have been worried about what to write this week on the me section… Part of me does not want to post because it will give away my city, but does that really matter?  I have decided it doesn’t.  So here we go!

What’s new with me?

This last week my city celebrated it’s fifth year anniversary of the F-5 tornado that came through.  I was at work at Walmart at the time and it demolished my store.  I still get nervous this time of year, but it gets easier.  Really, I was one of the lucky ones.  All I lost was my car, which my grandpa helped me to replace.  So many lost homes and loved ones.  It was a frightening time.  I like to think we go on memorial walks and celebrate the anniversary not only to acknowledge those that passed, but to remind ourselves of how hard we tried to be there for one another as a community in that time; as well as all the people that came to our area to help out.  While not everything is rebuilt there’s a lot of new buildings, statues, and trees being planted every year.  We will get there!

What’s new in news?

  • A new year’s resolution kept:  On January 1st 1989, Lenworth Williamson resolved to run every day.  His 10,000th consecutive day running was May 18th.  I find this amazing!  You can read more about it here.
  • Bio-bridges:  The body shop has launched a new initiative on May 24th.  Large topiary monkeys showed up at Westminster bridge to fuel interest in the project.  They want to reconstruct corridors linking healthy rainforest to deforested areas so that isolated plant species that regenerate.  Read the story here.

What’s new in books?

  • Smoke, by Dan Vyleta:  We are taken to England of, perhaps, a century past.  Those that are wicked are marked by the Smoke that pores from their bodies.  What happens when three boys learn that what they have been told were lies?

I am really excited about this one!  My library has it processing and I am second in line so I hope to have a review for you guys within two weeks (here’s hoping).

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle



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