I am so excited!

pro_reader_120I looked into Netgalley last night and I am so excited to get started!  I know I have tons of books… it’s an illness.  But they make things so easy! You get to browse by publisher and genre, making it so easy to find what interests you at any given moment.

I am hoping that this will be one more way to keep in touch with the reading community.  I am already on Goodreads (have been for years), and First to Read along with an obscene amount of email groups.  But I love it, because in the book community I can be as odd as I want and people don’t seem to hate it.  It’s nice to just be able to be, you know?  Plus I have met so many wonderful, beautiful people who actually WANT to talk books!  I have always been the one that got too excited and watched my friend’s eyes glaze over- even my husband’s (though I do the same to him with his techie madness).

Anyway I guess I wanted to say thank you guys.  For posting, for reading, for letting me be one of you.  I love you guys!



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