Darkroom, Mary Maddox

darkroomspolier alert

Title: Darkroom

Author: Mary Maddox

Pages: 292

Genre: Thriller

Published: May 3, 2016

Part of a series: no

                I received a copy of this book from eBook discovery in exchange for my honest review.    This was my first book by Mary Maddox and I loved it!   The writing style was fast paced and the plot was deliciously twisted.  While some things might have been a bit easy to guess, it still made for a great read. 

                Kelly works at a museum under a life sucking gorgon that is taking her love of art from her.  She lives with her friend Day Randall- a bipolar photographer that she is fiercely protective of. When Day’s friends start getting in trouble and one disappears, she takes photos of things best left unseen.  Trying to free her other friend, she blackmails the husband with these photos.  Obviously, this back fires and Day pays the consequences.

                Kelly, who had been out of town, comes home to find Day and all her things gone.    To everyone else it looks like Day up and moved on, but Kelly knows differently.  Struggling to figure out whom she can trust, she hunts for the truth.  We have kidnappings, rape victims, gun shots and fire.  Who stands in the end?

Four Stars This one lost a star for me  because many of the twists were predicable, but it was still a great read with some awesome surprises.  I highly recommend it!

The adult content scale is pretty high.  Violence, sexual content, drugs, language.  The lot.  I have to give it an eight.adult content rubber stamp

Link to book:

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