Jonathan Unleashed, Meg Rosoff

Jonathan Unleashedspolier alertTitle:  Jonathan Unleashed

Author: Meg Rosoff

Pages: 288

Genre: Contemporary romance, humor and a bit chick lit

Published: July 5th 2016.

Part of a series: No.

       I received an advanced copy of Jonathan Unleashed from First to Read for the price of an honest review.  I started it yesterday and, honestly, could not put it down.  I was charmed by the quasi-neurotic ramblings of Jonathan as he moved through life with his brother’s dogs.  Dante and Sissy were the perfect foil for his off the wall humor and moments of dread and overthinking.  I loved his interactions with his best friend Max, and how crazy his screw-ball parents were.  I felt drawn into the lives of these characters, making it easy to love the book.

     So, our story begins with Jonathan getting his life in New York started.  He finds an apartment and a job in an old acquaintance’s advertising firm.  He is keeping his brother’s two dogs while James is in Dubai.  Sissy, a cocker spaniel, is his sweet one.  The peace keeper who is always happy to see him and never causes trouble.  Dante, a border collie, is the smart one.  He’s always thinking, plotting… and he knows how to get his way.  When his girlfriend of four years comes to New York, she and the dogs have issues.  She works for a bridal magazine, and is very organized and down to Earth.  A no-nonsense type of girl.  When her company wants an associate wedding- and are willing to pay for it- she talks Jonathan into doing the deed.  Nervous at first, he tries to make the best of it.  He loves Julie; of course he wants to marry her!  And if they were going to get married, why not now?  But it’s all happening so fast, then there is stress from work and his odd attraction to his barista and his vet.  All the stress builds and culminates into a mental breakdown. 

                Julie tries to take care of Jonathan while he spouts gibberish (let’s face it; even his mental breakdown is hilarious).  While this is going on, she is walking the dogs and taking care of wedding plans alone.  On one of these walks, Dante takes over and leads her to Mark and his dog Wilma. The two fall for one another but Julie is determined- she is marrying Jonathan.  The day of the wedding, she finally realizes that she cannot and tells Jonathan everything.  He does not handle it well, screaming gibberish that sound a lot like curses at her.  He goes to let the guests know, and finds that he is cured.  He can talk again! 

                Deciding to go back to work right away, he takes his coworker’s ribbing with good humor but he is nervous.  He doesn’t want back on the project he was on.  As he says, his dog could write those ads.  Finally, he cannot take it anymore and quits.  But what now?  His fascination with his vet has taken a turn and it seems like she might be available, and somehow interested!  His friend Greeley   invites him to his scientific compound in the forest.  Dr. Vet and Jonathan are in a good place, but are going to do things for themselves for the moment, which I like.

                Throughout the book you get a lot of day dreams, the life he and his barista would have- their three children.  The life he would share with Julie.  The comic he wants to write…. Always imagining what it would be like to have That Life.  Finally he is at the point where he feels ready to write his own story.

Five Stars

On the adult content scale, I give it a four.  Some naughty humor, language and the like.  It’s all in good fun!  Still…adult content road sign.

The book is out July 5th! Go get it!

Link to book:

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