May Wrap-up

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                Wow, May really went fast! I is now time for the May reading wrap up!  I read all my books listed on the May TBR post, except for Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson- there are still six people ahead of me in line for that book, and for Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld.  Chances are I will not be seeing either one until August.

Now then, let’s get into what I did read:

  1. The Eagle Tree, by Ned Hayes: A really great piece of YA lit written in the voice of an autistic teen.Five Stars
  2. Deliver Her, Patricia Perry Donovan: A family begins to self destruct after a tragedy.  What would you do to get your daughter help?  What if it goes wrong? Five Stars
  3. Break In Case of Emergency, Jessica Winter.  A First to Read book coming out July 12th.  Jen is in her early 30’s and trying to have a baby with her husband.  On top of that stress she was laid off, and has to take a job at a feminist non-profit  This book brings to focus all the craziness at work and the pain of trying to conceive when you can’t as well as Jen’s relationships with old friends.  Four Stars
  4. 15th Affair, James Patterson.  I waited for this book for what feels like forever!  I love the Women’s Murder Club books and #15 did not disappoint!  Five Stars
  5. The Hidden Oracle, Rick Riordan.  The much anticipated first book of the Apollo series…. Meh.  I like the Magnus Chase book better, though they will probably intersect later.  Three Stars
  6. Don’t Lick the Minivan, Leanne Shirtliffe:  A hilarious look at having twins in Thailand, and then Canada.  I had read this last year and fell in love.  I got it this year for my mother, and ended up borrowing it from the library because I had to reread it.  Five Stars
  7. Until Death, James L. Thane.  This is Thane’s second book and I cannot wait for more!  It was a great thriller with fantastic character development.  Five Stars
  8. The After Party, Anton DiSclafani:  This was a First to Read book.  The social scene in Texas in 1950 as seen by a woman trying to keep her best friend out of danger.  Five Stars
  9. All the Light we cannot see, Anthony Doerr.  A blind French Girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France during WWII.  Honestly, I loved this one.  Five Stars
  10. Ladivine, Marie NDiaye: Three generations of females starting with one that immigrated to France.  My review is more in depth.  Five Stars
  11. Soulmate, Kellie McAllen.  What if your soulmate had been with you literally all your life, but no one else could see him?  Good premise, it was just missing something for me.  It is book one in the series though, so maybe we will see where it goes.  Three Stars
  12. A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness.  Connor is dealing with more than a 13 year old should have to.  With his mother sick, a recurring nightmare, and the adults at school treating him like he’s fragile, the last thing he needs is another monster hanging around him… or is it?  Five Stars
  13. Radio Girls, Sarah-Jane Stratford.  Maisie is in London in 1926.  Since the great war everything is changing and she is part of it.  Working as a secretary at the BBC she gets to see the radio programs and have a hand in them.  The talks begin to branch out- politics and women’s rights.  Not everyone is happy… Five Stars
  14. Pond, Claire-Louise Bennett.  This was a First to Read book.  The inner ramblings and sometimes fancies of a nameless, ageless woman.  I did not care for it.Two Stars
  15. Darkroom, Mary Maddox.  This was an eBook Discovery book.  We follow Kelly, a museum worker, as she tries to figure out what happened to her friend and roommate Day.  The story twists and turns as she figures out who she can trust.  Five Stars
  16. Jonathan Unleashed, Meg Rosoff.  This was a First to Read book and will be out July 5th.  It was hilarious, even when it really shouldn’t have been.  Jonathan is juggling his apartment in NY, his job that he hates, his brothers dogs and his long term girlfriend.  Watch it all unravel!  Five Stars

All of these have been reviewed in previous posts so I didn’t want to go too far describing any of them.  If interested, please see the reviews!  Really, it has been a great month for books; and I can’t wait to see what comes up for next month!











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