What’s New Wednesday? Week 5

Dare dayWhat’s new guys?  Today is June 1st, and apparently Dare day.  (Every day is a holiday, just ask Google!)  My dare for you?  Find something happening in the news, fluff pieces count- love them in fact- and comment.  The rules:  Nothing about the presidential campaign or religion please.  We get enough of that from Facebook.  While I have to approve comments I will do so as soon as I know about them.  Now, then, let’s begin!

What’s new with me?

I keep an hours log of my reading time, for curiosity’s sake.  I did the math, and in May I read 110 hours and 20 minutes, which is up from the month before.  Over the weekend my aunt and uncle came into town and will stay with my parents until next month when the other aunts and uncles come in.  (As my parents have space, and my grandmother lives with them, this usually happens once a year.)  Three aunts, three uncles, my brother and possibly my sister- though she may come later.  Basically, most of the O’hana will converge on Mom and Dad like the plaque of locust that we are- but it will be a fun filled month with lots of food and yelling over board games (just like when I was growing up!).

What’s new in news?

  • Harambe: Okay, I have to talk about this one simply because it breaks my heart on so many levels.  Harambe was a 17 year old gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo.  On the 28th, a small child got into the caged habitat and Harambe noticed him and got agitated ( could have been the yelling, or he may have felt territorial- he is an animal).  The poor child is scared, people are screaming and it is decided that Harambe be shot so that they can get the child.  Let me be clear, they tried to get the gorillas into the closed area so that they could get the child, but as I said Harambe was agitated.  They considered tranquilizers, but were afraid it would take too long to take affect.  It was a terrible and painful decision but I believe that the zoo made the only one that made sense and thanks to them the child is alive.  Now, people are blaming the zoo saying it is their fault for having primates at all, or for not having more between the child and the animal.  Okay, the child apparently had to climb under a fence (is that right?), through brush and then into the mote.  It was even noted that an adult heard the boy tell his mother he was going to “get into the water”.  Now my stance may not be very popular, but I must ask:  why wasn’t the mother watching better?  If she had a hold of the toddler, he would never have been in danger and Harambe would be alive.  I do not feel that they are responsible for the life of the gorilla, nor that they owe the zoo restitution.  It was devastating, it happened.  Bann them from the zoo for the child’s safety and let’s move forward with the idea that parents need to keep track of their kids in public, especially in areas that contain animals. My heart goes out to the family, thank goodness your child is safe.  My heart breaks for Harambe, he was just being an animal that felt threatened and angry.  It is instinct to protect your area from all interlopers.  The screaming, while human nature, set the animal off further.  Yes, there have been instances in the past where primate and child both lived- the ones I know of involved the less volatile females.  Maternal intincts perhaps?  See story here.

That rant ran a bit long, my apologies.  I will leave it at one article this week.

What’s new in Books?

James Patterson’s bookshots start coming out next week!  I wrote a blog about this previously, but it is worth noting.  I love James Patterson and the idea behind this- books that are 150 pages or less and no more than $5.00- really excites me.  So be on the look out for these two on the 7th!  cross kill bookshotzoo2 bookshot

That’s it for this week.  I can’t wait to see what everyone posts!  Lots of love!




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