TBR June!

news-bookshotsI am so excited about the books coming this month!  I preordered the two bookshots for June and will be reading them.  Then there’s Lisa Unger, several books from romance novelists I love, and some from my read for review sites.  So far, my month looks like this:

My Sister’s Secret, Tracy Buchanan (thank you Netgalley)

2.  Little Girl Gone, Gerry Schmitt (thank you First to Read)

3. The Season, Johan and Stephen Dyer  (thank you First to Read)

4. A World Without You, Beth Revis (thank you First to Read)

5.Smoke, Dan Vyleta (I should get this from the library soon, next in line).

6. Reconstructing Amelia, Kimberly McCreight (I am next in line for the eBook at the library)

7. Cross Kill, James Patterson (Bookshots!  I preordered this one)

8.Zoo 2, James Patterson (Bookshots! I preordered this one)

9.The Game, James Patterson (preordered)

10.Intrusion: Mary McCluskey

11. Ink and Bone, Lisa Unger

And should I have time:

  1. A Man of Character, Margaret Locke
  2. The Mother Road, Meghan Quinn
  3. Duke of Sin, Elizabeth Hoyt

We’ll see how it goes!  Much love, and happy reading.







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